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Product Name: Acrylamide
CAS No: 79-06-1
Product Type: Miscellaneous Chemicals -> Others
Product spec: inquire
Packing: In 25kg paper-plastic composite bag
Post Time: 2010-07-07
Usage: 1, Acrylamide can be used in the petroleum, coal washing, papermaking, textile, sewage treatment, metallurgy, sugar making, construction, coating, drug and daily chemicals, It is the material of super-high Molecular weight Polyacrylamide and modified Polyacrylamide. ; 2, reacting with other monomers; 3, material of auxiliary, additive.
Description: 1, Acrylamide crystal: In 25kg paper-plastic composite bag. Acrylamide solution is packed in plastic drum, or following your demand. Kept in dry, cool and ventilating place, avoid heat and insolation, the temp. is 35℃ or below. Do not mix with oxidant and reductant. 2, hazardous chemicals.
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